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Our Mission
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We the people of Colorado have come together to oppose the unnecessary and irresponsible efforts to expand an under-utilized training site in Colorado, the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS). We have thus formed this broad-based coalition, the Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition representing communities across southern Colorado and now the entire United States, including business owners, teachers, students, elected officials, ranchers, environmentalists and many others.

We hold dear our beliefs that our country’s very survival is dependent upon a responsible and responsive government. We believe that our country’s future is dependent on our ability to responsibly manage all of our resources including a strong and protected agriculture base capable of feeding the country without foreign imports. We also hold firm to the belief that our national security relies as much on our efforts to produce food as it does on a good national defense.  

Our goals are to educate, promote awareness and invite involvement in our efforts to stop the PCMS expansion. We will strive to ensure a complete understanding by those who are responsible for oversight of the Pentagon, and others that obtaining ANY private agricultural property does a disservice to the entire United States. Already suffering from significant loss of land to development and related issues, the agricultural industry will suffer another tremendous blow should the Army pursue expansion of its Pinon Canyon maneuver site.  

We also believe that through our combined efforts we can stop this encroachment and the resultant attacks on our property rights and our rights as US citizens. We are strong supporters of our country and our troops. We respect our leadership whom we have elected and will do everything in our power to assure they are made aware of the dire consequences of a PCMS expansion.  

We firmly support adequate military training but also fully recognize that a significant amount of land is already owned and secured to provide for that training. We believe that some additional expense in costs to utilize those other training sites is by far offset by the advantages to agriculture, the region, the people and places, and the country. Leaving our agricultural land and our rights intact will be invaluable to the success of this state and the country's security for as long as we continue to do so.  

During this fight to protect our property and all of our children’s futures from this attempted takeover it has become quite apparent that the majority of Americans also believe as we do. Thus we believe that we must continue to work diligently together to stop the misuse and abuse of taxpayer dollars that has become the rule rather than the exception in things such as this expansion effort. We believe our very lives and our country hang in the balance.  

In addition, the attitude and behavior that has been displayed by the Pentagon, its officials and contractors supporting the expansion plan, has served only to reinvigorate our opposition efforts. We are determined that we will succeed in permanently stopping the proverbial giant from destroying our lives, our families, our state and our country.  

The Pinon Canyon Expansion Opposition Coalition is united in opposition to any expansion of PCMS. No funding, no expansion.


Purpose of this Web site   We have established this site to provide a mechanism for people to get and submit ideas, contacts, questions and answers. It is hoped to generally provide a virtual gathering place for information on opposing the Pinon Canyon expansion and further loss of productive agriculture.   Feel free to look for information on this site and submit your ideas and thoughts to us at any time.   YOU CAN HELP Find out what you can do to help stop the expansion of Pinon Canyon!    

Our National Security can't handle any more Agricultural Land taken out of production
We ask everyone to join us and to push our leaders and legislators to rein in the DOD and hold them accountable. Let's stop these wasteful
and destructive efforts to seize a huge portion of land in Colorado larger than the State of Connecticut.
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